Friday, October 28, 2011

brutal commentary

There are some things which should not be re-made. Top Gear US, unfortunately is one of them.

I just learned that Top Gear Australia has been cancelled, thank you for that. The guys had less charisma than a wet paper bag.

Now, from what I understand, Top Gear Season 2 should get better, but I just watched the first episode, and half way through it, it is on semi-permanent pause; that is to say, I Just can't seem to bring myself to finish the rest of the episode.

I even tried playing it in the background while I did other work, and that made it even more annoying then when I was paying attention.

This will not do! Why can't they just pump out more episodes of Top Gear and be done with it.

That said, I saw a trailer for Top Gear Korea, and that looks actually interesting, too bad I don't speak the language. Are there translations anywhere?


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