Friday, October 21, 2011

the force is strong-ish in this one

Welcome me back to this blog. It's been a while, right?

First, I'm bringing this to you via an Apple Macbook Pro. Pimpin' right? $2000, and I'm using it to blog.

Second, I'm finally needing another router. My current one still works, but there are dead spots (TV room), and I actually need internet access whenever I watch TV - the few hours that I do spend each week in front of the tele.

Third, I'm thinking of buying a $30 router and reflashing it with custom firmware ( This will give my router more options, with the ability to turn it into a wireless repeater, extending the range of my network to finally reach my living room proper. That said, $29.99 seems like a huge sum of money to me right now.

I have a $25 USD Amazon gift card, and trying to buy a router online to be shipped to Canada is a no-no. Unsure if I can buy the Canadian version and still use the US code.

First world problems, eh?


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