Sunday, November 13, 2011


So I got 2 and a half days out of my iPhone before needing to charge. Secrets to my success? Read on.

First, captain obvious - don't use the phone. Seriously, do very light surfing, and don't play games.

Second, turn off both 3G and WIFI radios until such time as you need it. Edge is good enough for emails, and online chat - Meebo.

Third and finally, turn it off at night. Again, pretty simple.

Point is this, as long as you don't treat the phone as a gaming device, WIFI access point, or an alarm clock, the battery life on it is pretty good. Actually, this 2+1/2 day stretch did involve me going on the internet and reading iBooks - I just did it somewhat sparingly - but I wasn't trying to save batteries. I was just too busy with life to look at my phone much.


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