Sunday, November 6, 2011

when corn gets fidgety - kernel panic

Here's a term I wasn't using until tonight - Hackint0sh. Getting Mac OS to run on a device that's not sold by Apple. If it runs on a laptop, it's also known as a Hackbook.

I've been reading guides for about a day and a bit. Trying to figure out if it's possible to turn the woman's Dell 1525 into a Hackbook.

There are so many methods it's quite dizzying, and with a smattering of success. Anyway, I took the plunge tonight by first buying her a new hard drive, in case anything went pear-shaped, at least she wouldn't lose anything.

I made the prerequisite USB bootable thumb drive, and plugged it into her laptop to launch the installer. After 1 failed attempt, I got it up and running.

The first real problem is that her audio, wifi, is not working, and graphics rendering is a little slow. However, I soon discovered that more importantly, the biggest problem is that the OS will only boot through the USB key.

I tried to follow another method, and I encountered my first kernel panic. Basically, the whole machine goes nuts, and says I won't boot - with error messages splashed on the screen like graffiti on a virgin wall.

Looks like this will be a long process. :) But seeing the mac OS running on her Dell, even for the 15 minutes I got it working, was quite sweet indeed.


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