Wednesday, March 16, 2011

taureau rouge

I have to say, chugging a Red Bull every morning is a great way to start a day, it's also a very bad habit forming thing to do. It's day three, and I'm already looking forward to the next morning's ceremonious gathering of the group and all downing one. Pretty much in about 1 or 2 gulps.

I'm always been a fan of British English, and because I do watch a bit of telly from the BBC, it's sort of odd that I'm in Englandland.

I try to use my hick Canadian accent to good use, because everyone gets a laugh, I'm starting to slowly call everyone "mate", but when it comes from my lips, it sounds like I'm making fun of them.

I don't dare try to imitate the accent, because well, it'll look like I'm having a laugh, when I really am not meaning to.

So I'm stuck in their singsong way of speaking sometimes, but with a Canuck attitude, and using "Eh" at the end of every word. Very stupid.

I could live here, except I'd never afford the rent.

Monday, March 14, 2011

driving a banger

Headed out to meet a potential partner today, went as well as can be expected. I was so zonked out that I think I took 1 whole picture, and it wasn't any good - so nothing to report photographically.

I'm trying out Intel's My Wifi app. It basically turns your laptop into a wifi hotspot so things like my shiny fruit device can connect to the interweb. Thing is either I'm daft or there's something not right, because it only works for about 5 minutes before crapping out.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

short necked giraffe

Went to a terrible restaurant. Avoid at all cost.

The service sucked, it took forever to order food, get said food, and when it came, it was not only horrible, we sent it back because the nachos for "sharing" literally had about 8 chips total.

I had a lamb burger, thought it'd be tasty, turned out the best part about the burger was the cheese and the onions. Without it, it'd be a tasteless meat patty.

Pics of today:

All shot on the iphone without any post processing (brave.)


I am finally in my own room and have internet access. What a day.

I wasn't overly tired on the plane, so I didn't sleep much. We got to the airport @ 6:15am, and because my co-worker had elite access, we got to hang out at the lounge, had breakfast showered, and brushed my teeth. Sat around until 8am before heading to the hotel. We took the tube to Earl's Court station.

Lugging two, er... luggages is fine when the ground is flat, but having to pull them up stairs, especially when one of the case is 60+ lbs, was quite difficult. Even dragging that heavy one behind me was starting to tire out my girly arms.

We eventually make our way up to the top, having screwed up some and had to go up and down with those two suitcases. What a pain.

Upon exiting, we are lost.

After consulting with google maps via his blackberry torch, we realize we had exited the wrong, er... exit. We make a detour down some streets, that suitcase is getting heavier by the minute.

At the end of the street where we hit a 4 way junction, my colleague whips out his Torch, and after 1 minute of looking around, declares, "Whoops, we're at the wrong exit, the original exit was correct."

So back up the street we go. Now, let me say that I'm not a wimp, but this 60+ lb luggage is our display booth, so the case itself is quite heavy because it has to be sturdy, and withstand the rigours of er... rigourous travel.

Finally reaching where we originally stood, we re-orient ourselves and finally find the correct street to head down. Lack of sleep, weak from an on-coming cold that I can't shake for 3 days - and well, I begin to despair.

After what seemed like another 10 hours (okay, it was maybe 3 minutes), we finally find the hotel. Huzzah!

Checking in, of course there were no rooms. Except there was. He grabbed the room, we throw all our stuff in the room. Pee (me), poo (him), and we head out for some food.

First pub had fish and chips, but being a pub, it wasn't going to be as proper as a chippie shop. We walk some more, ignoring the big chains like McDogs and Kentucky Fried Children.

When we hit our third pub, we decided to turn in. A charming little place. No pictures, sorry, I was by now very tired and didn't think to use my camera to take any pictures.

In the center of one of the world's most expensive cities, we happen upon a full English Breakfast plate for a Fiver - brilliant to say the least. Ordered it with a tea. Tasted amazing. The bacon was too salty, so I only had a bit, but beans and toast in the morning is one thing I need to do more often.

We head back, both properly full and exhausted. Being his room, he flops on the bed and within seconds, is snoring away like a chainsaw on granite. I take a seat in the only chair in the room, prop my feet on the corner of the bed, and next thing I know, I'm chin to chest.

They had promised my room to be ready by 12pm - having asked at 11:30am that it would take 1/2 hour to prep. I call at 12, and the guest was still in the room.

I call at 1, and they said it wouldn't be ready by 2.

I am finally in my room now, pooped, by still wired. Of course, the stereotypical London weather, hazy, rain doesn't help the soul one bit. I'm eager to explore what little of the city I'll be able to see, but quite frankly, the bed seems super inviting.

I have to be up at 6am tomorrow morning.