Wednesday, August 24, 2011

strike one

Got this email from today. The names have been changed to protect the greedy.

Dear [Moochie],

We wanted to connect with you immediately with respect to your recent visit to where you ordered the HP 32GB TouchPad with Wi-Fi. Being upfront and direct with our customers is important to us. Recently, an error within our online system was made, and as a result of the overwhelming volume of orders placed, we were unable to fulfill your request due to a lack of inventory and have cancelled your order. We wish to assure you that your credit card will not be billed for this amount whatsoever. We appreciate this is likely disappointing news and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

In addition, we wish to make clear that we will not be receiving any new inventory of this product, however should we receive any occasional customer returns, you may see available stock in certain stores. For more information about the HP TouchPad, please click here.

As explained in our Web Site User Agreement, strives to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information possible each day. However, as maintenance of our website is a human process, errors do occur upon occasion. Our online retail teams are busy reviewing this particular issue to learn from it and ensure we can make your online shopping experience even better next time. If you have any further questions we would direct you to our current FAQ information as posted on our website here.

Again, we regret the inconvenience and hope you’ll give us another opportunity to serve you better in the near future.


The $99 tablet craze

Did you fall into this $99 HP touchpad tablet frenzy? I have.

I don't know if I will actually get one. I bought 2, one from best buy online and again today from a website that advertised them for $20 above firesale price, plus $18 CAD shipping.

I have no real need for this but truth be told, It'll probably be a great piece of kit for some surfing and light video plaback. Light because it only supports a limited range of video codecs straight out of the gate.

But I am in love with tablets. I am typing this on an iPad 2 for example. For the limited amount of tasks I do, a tablet is all I need.

They are great for consuming information and not as much for creating it. It may not replace a traditional laptop if that is what you need, but I would truly say that as of today, it has replaced it for me.

Good luck getting a touchpad and having a port of android onto it in your near future. I however might just leave it as is and see how far I get.

Providing I get one shipped to me of course.