Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the starbucks effect

Whether you like it or not, the Starbucks effect is real.

I've been visiting a lot of different starducks lately. Most of them are joined with Chapters, a Canadian big box bookstore.

Invariably, I would say 60-65% of people are using Mac books of some sort.

No, not Hackbooks like the one I'm trying to create, but actual overpriced apple laptops. What's scary is that they're being used by kids half my age - kids sure are spoiled these days.

....As I type from a Macbook Pro.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

when corn gets fidgety - kernel panic

Here's a term I wasn't using until tonight - Hackint0sh. Getting Mac OS to run on a device that's not sold by Apple. If it runs on a laptop, it's also known as a Hackbook.

I've been reading guides for about a day and a bit. Trying to figure out if it's possible to turn the woman's Dell 1525 into a Hackbook.

There are so many methods it's quite dizzying, and with a smattering of success. Anyway, I took the plunge tonight by first buying her a new hard drive, in case anything went pear-shaped, at least she wouldn't lose anything.

I made the prerequisite USB bootable thumb drive, and plugged it into her laptop to launch the installer. After 1 failed attempt, I got it up and running.

The first real problem is that her audio, wifi, is not working, and graphics rendering is a little slow. However, I soon discovered that more importantly, the biggest problem is that the OS will only boot through the USB key.

I tried to follow another method, and I encountered my first kernel panic. Basically, the whole machine goes nuts, and says I won't boot - with error messages splashed on the screen like graffiti on a virgin wall.

Looks like this will be a long process. :) But seeing the mac OS running on her Dell, even for the 15 minutes I got it working, was quite sweet indeed.