Saturday, April 21, 2012

iomega part 2

OK Update time: I got a call from Iomega head office, Ryan was his name. Very nice person, totally understood what I was going through, and was definitely trying to be helpful. I really appreciated his call, and I told him multiple times of that, and as promised, I said I would update this thread and thank him publicly. He even offered a replacement unit of the frankenstein version that I've got. He wasn't sure why it's grey, fair enough. In my quick search, it seemed like all the non-CE version was this darkish grey colour that I took a picture of earlier. I actually declined his offer initially, because hey, if the replacement unit I have worked as advertised, let's not fix what's no longer broken, correct? Well, unfortunately I checked my 2.7 GB torrent, and guess what? Same problem. Maybe it's a firmware, maybe it's HW. I really don't know anymore. Ryan, I guess I'll take up your offer and get one more replacement. Smile


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